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Rep. Bolinsky Unanimously Nominated for Fifth Term

On Wednesday night, May 20, 2020, Representative Mitch Bolinsky received the unanimous and enthusiastic backing of Republicans in Newtown for re-election to the Connecticut State House of Representatives!
“Thank you for putting your trust in me for a fifth-term, representing Newtown's 106th State House District in Hartford. It's going to be a hard-fought campaign and I'm counting on the support of all of you. Together, we are mighty and, more than ever before, these Post -COVID-19 times call for strength and resolve to put the pieces back together."
"Through this crisis, my focus has been 100% constituent service and making sure Newtown voices are heard and considered in Hartford.  When state agencies fail us, break the Governor's promise of temporary assistance and stop returning phone calls, I'm here for you.  I've helped hundreds and hundreds of our neighbors fix problems caused by deficient state processes and agencies that are fundamentally unprepared to provide critical supports."
"It took a pandemic to demonstrate to everyone in the state that we can no longer allow special-interests and career politicians to protect and enable inefficient, 1980's-era dysfunctional state agencies. Dinosaurs like DOL, DMV , DPH and others need to be re-invented to serve the people whose tax dollars pay the rent.  Let's teach 'Big Government' that it works for its people ... not the other way around.  "Reelect me and we'll get this fixed."


Representative Mitch Bolinsky



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