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Newtown Delegation Honors Local Hero

Newtown’s State Legislative Delegation was proud to nominate and announces the induction of Newtown’s William Ford Law Rodgers (Will) into the Connecticut Veterans Hall of Fame as the member of its Class of 2023. The Hall of Fame recognizes Connecticut veterans who have made significant contributions to their communities after leaving military service.

In the words of Representative Mitch Bolinsky (R-106), “Will Rodgers is such a very humble, quiet man.  We’ve known each other for more than 20-years, and in that time, without being flashy, he’s always struck me as a guy with extraordinary intellect and a good heart who’s ever-ready to step up and do what’s right.  Everyone should know how special this honor is.  Only 125 Connecticut men and women veterans have been inducted into this Hall of Fame.  That’s pretty good company, Congratulations, Will!

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