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"Inspired to Vote" Inspiration from Troy Kinnard, a Descendant of John & John Quincy Adams

"Not being a very political person, I had an issue that arose and needed help. I turned to State Representative Mitch Bolinsky. Mitch returned my call and I had explained to him my issue, and [he] worked on my behalf to resolve the problem. I can honestly say to my fellow Newtown residents that he truly does care about you, and works hard as your Representative. In fact, I decided to vote for the first time in decades because of him. I know nothing about the person he is running against, but have gotten to know Mitch. He is well qualified and will continue to serve Newtown with distinction. Every vote counts, and yours does too."

Troy Kennard

Paid for the Committee to Elect Mitch for Newtown, Matthew F. Mihalcik, Treasurer.
Approved by Mitch Bolinsky.
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