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This site, my first six-terms, and my 2024 campaign are all about you. Your family. Your business. Having a safe, thriving Community.

It's about our Newtown, our Connecticut, our quality of life and how you and we collectively turn down the temperature, and work together on all that has and will make our Newtown a place that sets the standards for quality of life, neighborliness, and our common aspirations.

Whether it's Newtown's Schools, our Community Center, our Senior Center, our Spiritual Communities, or our beautiful public spaces,  I've spent six-terms -12-years - representing our community's interests in the CT House of Representatives.  Whatever floats your boat, it matters to me, and, as one of the General Assembly's leaders in constituent service, I enjoy hearing from, and advocating for you.  After all, as the only elected state-official who lives in Newtown, works in Newtown, and raised a family in Newtown, we are neighbors.  I'm an extension of you. 

I didn't get into politics to make a career of it, and I usually bristle when referred to as a "Politician".  I wish the word "Politician" didn't conjure thoughts of unreasonableness, partisan-bickering, closed minds, and questionable ethics.  I prefer thinking of myself as a "Public Servant".  Serving you is my #1 priority, and, in Hartford, I've polished the craft of working respectfully in partnership with colleagues on both sides of the aisle.  My reputation is built on a lengthy record of bipartisan legislation and relationships that ensure Newtown always get's its "fair share" in budgeting, discretionary grants, and the attention we deserve from state agencies. 

At the time of my first election to state office in 2012, I had already enjoyed a 30-year career in marketing, using consumer research to build brands, programs, and develop new products.  Along the way, I learned the art of working with folks who often disagreed or said "we don't do it that way". To succeed, teams need to settle on doing new things, and compromise for the greater good.  Then, one success leads to another, and so on. 

Lessons from my marketing life have allowed me to leverage good working relationships, especially at a time when our federal government is paralyzed by partisan idiocy.  It's embarrassing to watch, and I won't act that way.

I've respectfully fought 12-years for your right to a Connecticut that's more affordable, and on an upward trajectory.  Years of failed policy and the influence of special-interests, has created something of a "Government Class" of career politicians who believe your earnings are theirs to spend, they can take from you and give to those they choose, fiddle with local zoning choice, and dictate our children's' educations in ways that do not always align with your family values.  None of this improves your life. I know we can do better and I have a well-thought-out plan to do just that.  I work for and fight for you - not special-interests.

Re-electing me for a 7th-term is your stake to a better, more vital Connecticut that's more responsive to you and runs with efficiency, not by turning its back on you.  That's where I come in.  I am your conduit.  It's gratifying, honorable work and I do it very well. 

With your help, support and your vote, we're going to grow Connecticut, balance budgets; make good on our obligations; restore fairness; solidify public education; respect our state's most vulnerable and frail residents; have good roads to travel, and: give voices to taxpayers like you, who pay the freight. 

There's a lot to do but, do it we can!  After more than a decade of red-ink, CT's been in the black for four-years, thanks to our state's first-ever bipartisan budget in 2017-2018.  If we stay true to the guardrails we established then, good things are possible. Let's get to work, shall we?

** Thank you for reading this far.  Do you have questions, challenges, wish to express your support or volunteer to be part of a winning team?  Reach out.  My cell is 203-470-2728 and email is**

Be well. Stay safe. Spread only Kindness.

- Mitch



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Friday, February 16, 2024 10:10 PM

Bolinsky, Rep. Foncello & Senator Hwang Host a 2024 Pre-Session Forum and Listening session

A Sunday pre-session town hall-style meeting provided the Newtown community with an open forum to freely ask questions to their elected lawmakers. The Newtown legislators introduced themselves, each member gave a brief rundown of the committees on which they serve, and their priorities for the upcoming legislative session.

“After we shared what we believe will be the Governor’s priorities for 2024, we discussed some of the positives and successes our delegation had in 2023, we were happy to move into a Q&A format to share a broad range of residents’ concerns and what they’d like us to focus on. From the heavy burden of energy costs in our state, to the jump in the cost of food, health care and lack of affordable housing, it’s getting harder to make ends meet. I think most of the folks in our forum agreed that they love Newtown for its character and non-cookie-cutter ways, so it’s critical that we keep fighting to maintain local control of our zoning and open space. The same goes for our schools, and attendees seemed to agree that is better for Newtown kids when our teachers are teaching, not when they’re distracted by state-mandates, one-size-fits-all reading programs and preparing reports for state bureaucrats that have never set foot in their children’s schools. It was also interesting to hear from families who felt our state does not adequately support parents interested in home-schooling.” said Rep Bolinsky, continuing:

“There was certainly plenty of concern about traffic on our local roads, non-enforcement of traffic safety laws, and all the ways I-84’s inadequacies and pop-up lane closures cause our residential streets to grind to a halt when traffic problems force frustrated, unfamiliar motorists onto local roads, It’s no secret that our residents feel DOT ignores what we all recognize is the urgent need to put the third-lane, and sound buffering on I-84. In the last 30-years, traffic volume, speeds and dangers have grown exponentially – but the roadway, and most or Routes 6, 25 and 34, have not. This needed to be on the drawing board yesterday, especially with our recent influx of new residents. Residents were happy to know that we’ve met with DOT and local officials about the problems, and we have a working list. Addressing it and seeing progress can be a slow process but, doing nothing is not an option.”

Thursday, February 15, 2024 10:25 PM

Newtown Delegation Honors Local Hero

Newtown’s State Legislative Delegation was proud to nominate and announces the induction of Newtown’s William Ford Law Rodgers (Will) into the Connecticut Veterans Hall of Fame as the member of its Class of 2023. The Hall of Fame recognizes Connecticut veterans who have made significant contributions to their communities after leaving military service.

In the words of Representative Mitch Bolinsky (R-106), “Will Rodgers is such a very humble, quiet man.  We’ve known each other for more than 20-years, and in that time, without being flashy, he’s always struck me as a guy with extraordinary intellect and a good heart who’s ever-ready to step up and do what’s right.  Everyone should know how special this honor is.  Only 125 Connecticut men and women veterans have been inducted into this Hall of Fame.  That’s pretty good company, Congratulations, Will!

Wednesday, December 20, 2023 9:30 PM

Bolinsky Secures $300,000 State Grant for EverWonder Children's Museum

State Representative Mitch Bolinsky (R-106) along with State Rep Martin Foncello (R-107) and State Senator Tony Hwang (R-28) on December 15 announced that EverWonder Children’s Museum, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Newtown, will be the recipient of a $300,000 state grant being awarded by the State Bond Commission.

The funds will help support the museum’s recent relocation and expansion. The announcement followed a special meeting of the commission on Friday.  A subsequent 2024 Economic Development and Humanities grant to support the museum's capital program will be pursued in the coming year to facilitate acquisition of space to accommodate a doubling of the popular museum's space and program capacity, establishing it as a Regional Center for STEAM learning, and enrichment.

Bolinsky said he was “very grateful to Governor Lamont, [Office of Police and Management] Secretary Beckham, House Leadership and members of the State Bond Commission for this grant award. “EverWonder is a local family treasure,” Bolinsky added. “From its founding in 2011, when a group of local ‘children’s museum-loving moms’ dreamed of creating a comparable experience closer to home for local and neighboring families to enjoy, to this day, their growth has been remarkable, having accelerated beyond the original dream.”

Thursday, May 18, 2023 9:50 PM

Bolinsky's Work for CT Seniors Earns a "Standing O" from The Bee

Let us offer a “Standing O” to Newtown State Rep Mitch Bolinsky, who enthusiastically supported PA 23-161 in his capacity as a member of the legislature’s Aging Committee, which had been fighting for these types of protections for over five years. The bill that was just signed into law provides a new, proactive set of protections for seniors by establishing guidelines to engage and empower banking and financial services providers to disclose to them or a trusted agent incidents of possible, or out-of-the-ordinary financial activity for closer scrutiny. 

Their authorized broker-dealer, investment advisor, financial institution and/or probate court administrator may then flag such unusual activity, and execute a temporary account hold to prevent possible, or probable, financial exploitation.

Saturday, February 18, 2023 9:21 PM

Newtown Legislative Delegation Is Digging In - from The Newtown Bee, January, 2023

Rep Mitch Bolinsky and Senator Tony Hwang — have ... hit the ground running. Through their frequent interaction with and visits to the office of The Bee, we know their constituent service never really ends. We also know that both have been working tirelessly in recent months preparing for this current session, to ensure the needs of their constituents, including ours in Newtown, are addressed.

We trust Bolinsky’s and Hwang’s combined decades of state legislative experience will continue to serve Newtown well, and we look forward to robust input from all three of our delegation members as the current session continues to chug forward toward its early June culmination.

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