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Newtown's Rep Mitch Bolinsky Announces Re-Election Run for 7th 'State House' Term • Committed to Building on Experience & Record of Putting Newtown First

NEWTOWN, February 10, 2024 - State Representative Mitch Bolinsky (R-106) has announced his run for a 7th term as Newtown's 'Voice in Hartford', serving his home town in the CT House of Representatives. Election Day in 2024 will be Tuesday, November 5th.

First elected 'Newtown's Rep' in November, 2012, Bolinsky serves as an Assistant Republican Leader, in addition to Committee Assignments on the budget-writing Appropriations Committee, the Elementary & Secondary Education Committee, and as a leader of the Joint Committee on Aging. His 'Mitch for Newtown 2024' campaign will focus on building on an extensive record of service to our community, relevant local & state communications, and the high constituent service standards he's known for.

In 2024, Rep Bolinsky is strongly positioned to build upon 2023 and earlier legislative accomplishments. Session opened on February 7th, and plans include leveraging a blockbuster 2023, in which he and a bipartisan team of Legislative and Executive Branch partners unanimously passed a critical suite of Elder Long-Term-Care Oversight, Patients' Rights, and Caregiving Standards in Connecticut. The team's 2023 triumphs earned Bolinsky and partners accolades and 'Legislator of the Year' honors from both the Connecticut Association for Healthcare at Home, and AARP. These, and other awards can be viewed at on the 'Lawmaker Recognition & Awards' tab.

"In the end, our recognition gave us a head-start for 2024. Because of all we accomplished, and how we did it-together - leadership has dedicated a 'Speaker's Bill', and the Governor's office is dedicating a 'Governor's Bill' to Seniors & Aging-in-Place initiatives. It'll be a good year!"

Bolinsky's work also continues in the Education Committee, where he's a recognized, award-winning special education champion, a 'mandate-fighter', and an advocate for school choice. In Appropriations, he's a voice for fiscal responsibility, and serves on four budget subcommittees, including as Ranking Member of the Human Services subcommittee.

As a leader of the Committee on Aging, Bolinsky said: "It was incredible to have such unity of purpose in 2023. It came not only from shared priorities, but also shared experiences. You could feel the energy. It helped us attract a lot of support, including from Governor Lamont's Office of Policy & Management (OPM) Team. All the pieces just seemed to come together at once - and a lot of folks took notice of our committee's ability to keep moving forward, despite one or two issues we didn't agree on at the start. I think that's the way voters like to see us work."

"I'm eternally proud to have been part of the historic 2017-2018 bipartisan budget that balanced CT's books, and led to 2023's tax cuts" said Bolinsky, who continued: "Most of all, I'm proud to represent Newtown and very proud to say our town has done well getting and keeping its fair share and maintaining a high profile in all matters of state, on my watch."

Wrapping-up, Bolinsky said: "Our campaign will be results-oriented and positive, focusing on my record and outcomes. Actions speak louder than words, plus, experience has taught me people prefer politicians who can shut-up, listen and only then, act. Newtown is a special place and deserves to be represented with dignity. Perhaps that's why my support comes from Republican, Democratic, Unaffiliated and Independent voters."

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